Materials hair look good

Hello people. Please help me. What can I do so my materials look good in playcanvas. Here I have a photo on how my materials look in unity and how it looks in playcanvas at the moment.

here is unity materials (expectations to look the same in playcanvas)

and here is how it looks right now:

Thank you!

The materials look like they are set to default in PlayCanvas.

The hair seems to be missing the alpha channel.

The lighting looks like it’s just using the direction light. You can add a cube map to give some ambience lighting via IBL.

thank you for your response. I am new to playcanvas so it is a little difficult to follow. Could you please tell me more detailed what changes I can make regarding alpha channel and what is ibl and how do I achieve that? Thank you very much

IBL is image based lighting:

There’s a default cubemap (helipad) in the PlayCanvas ‘Store’:

In regards to the materials, I recommend reading through some of the pages in the documentation:

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thank you for all the support! I appreciate it !