Material/Texture Questions

I am trying to make use of the Reflection property on my water surface material but it doesn’t seem to be reflecting the stars on the sky sphere. Any idea on why that may be? I was messing around with the reflection settings/texture but no luck.

Another question is how can I get the water to appear more specular and glossy? Again, I tried changing the specular and gloss settings as well as adding specular and gloss textures just to see but no luck.

And lastly, I checked out the water demo that Will did and that’s pretty cool stuff. I never have been able to understand shaders. Stuff looks cryptic. Anyways, something I noticed that is an issue with both Will’s and mine is that when you load the app fullscreen on say a 23" monitor, the textures/quality becomes more pixelated the further it goes away from the camera. How can the quality be improved so it has a very clear and anti-aliased edges?


The reflection property takes a texture to use as an environment map. Have you tried adding the stars texture as the reflection map? It might look a bit weird as it expects a sphere map type texture, but worth a try.

I’m not sure what exactly is the issue you are having with specular? It seems like you’ve got a specular map on the water material. (You are missing the diffuse texture though?)

I tried adding the stars as a reflection map but no luck. I’ll check into the sphere map.

Is it possible to add some sort of support into the engine where it can just reflect whatever is scene without the user having to specify reflection maps? Perhaps through something like water/liquid features. I guess the reason I ask is because my scene contains moving textures and it would be nice to see those reflected dynamically.

For the specular/glossy effect, this probably goes back to what I mentioned above. Some sort of supported water system that can be tweaked. But, to do it manually, I would need something sort of like the following. What would be the best way to achieve this currently?