Material problem

Hey guys,I got this problem.
I want to load this model with engine,it is my code:

var url = './Assets/Model/CHR/chr_Chair/chr_Chair.json'
app.assets.loadFromUrl(url, "model", function (err, asset) {
var entity = new pc.Entity();
    entity.addComponent("model", {
    type: "asset",

Normally,it will be load this model and materials,In fact, it is.but when I load the model with the url above, material is not normal,its color is very light(and I am pretty sure the material was loaded),I do not know why.
This is a comparison of the effects:

there are many other models in this scene,but others are normal,so I get confused,please give me some advice,thank you.

Hi @fengyu,

That is interesting, does this material in the first screenshot use any special Environment map? Thinking if there is a missing texture there or something, in the second screenshot the lighting is definitely different.

Thank you for your help.
I think it may be not the light problem,because there are many other models,only this model has problem, and I set all light be not enabled,the model’s material is same problem.
I have checked the .json and .map.json,and all textures,I didn’t find some problem.
My scene set is here,I didn’t set skybox:

    app.scene.skyboxIntensity = 6; // 0.18
    app.scene.exposure = 7; // 8
    app.scene.fog = pc.FOG_NONE;
    app.scene.lightmapSizeMultiplier = 16;
    app.scene.lightmapMode = pc.BAKE_COLORDIR;

    app.scene.gammaCorrection = pc.GAMMA_SRGB;
    app.scene.toneMapping = pc.TONEMAP_FILMIC;
    app.scene.skyboxMip = 3;

btw,if you need this model asset for test,I can give you.thanks