Material offset and tiling values decimals

Recently, I saw new implementations in the playcanvas editor and one of those afected our model texture mappings.
Before those implementations, it was possible to add ofsset and tiling values to materials with more than 2 decimals (e.g. 0.2536) but now the values are always rounded to 2 decimals (e.g. 0.25), this causes disalligningment in our textures (see image below).
It is possible to get at least 4 decmals for offset and tiling?
This is because we are exporting models from Revit (imperial metric system) and we need to make size conversions in texture sizes.


I asked the same question yesterday.

Let me quote @yaustar:

No, it’s something that has been requested many times and we haven’t got a ‘clean’ way of doing it

But you can set it via script:

    materiall.resources[0].diffuseMapTiling.set(U, V);

Cheers! :biking_man:

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Thanks for your reply @Sebastian,
This is annoying, two weeks ago it was possible to add several decimals and now it is not possible anymore.
Actually, we made decisions based on that possibility.
Let’s see how can we fix this.

We definitely want fo fix this, and have an issue opened on this as well. I just adding link to this case as well.


It got rounded down to two? Definitely log that as a bug, that looks like something we didn’t mean to introduce.

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Hi @yaustar, yes, the round to two digits arrived in the last updates you made in the editor (around 3 weeks ago). Before that, it was possible to add at least 4 decimals.

@FORM Will be fixed via:

Expect it to be in the PlayCanvas Editor soon :slight_smile:

@yaustar, just saw that it is solved. Thanks!

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