☑ Material look differs on mobile


I’m trying to troubleshoot an issue where when I look at my published project on the iphone via safari, I get a very different look of some of the materials or perhaps all. More glossy, somewhat darker.

Chrome on desktop:

Safari on Iphone 6:

Material is lit by a skybox put on the environment channel in the material. It has a normal map coming in as a JPG, and I’ve ticked all the compression boxes on that texture:

Are there some compability issues I’ve missed?

Does it do the same thing on iOS Chrome?

Yes, looks the same.

Please post the link to a reproducible test case.

Good points, check this one out:


Anyone been able to replicate this on their devices? What could it be? @will, can you confirm that you see the same difference? I’m out of clues on how to troubleshoot this one,.

This have been fixed now.
Just refresh Editor / Launcher if you have it open.
Please do not forget to republish your build so it includes latest engine with a fix.

Apologies for inconvenience. And thank you for reporting the issue. It is important to have users that are not silent :slight_smile: