Material doesn't get Transparent at run-time :(

Hello, I am trying to make my plane to have a texture with alpha.

SymbolConfigurator.prototype.ChangeTexture = function (symbolEntity,value)
    var texture = this.textures[value];
    var alphaTexture = this.alphaTextures[value];
    var meshInstances = symbolEntity.model.meshInstances;
   for (var i = 0; i < meshInstances.length; ++i) 
       var mesh = meshInstances[i];
       mesh.material.diffuseMap = texture.resource;
       mesh.material.emissiveMap = texture.resource;
       mesh.material.opacityMap = alphaTexture.resource;

this function receives an entity and changes its textures.
when i do the same in editor the plane becomes transparent as expected, when i do it at run-time i get black background instead of transparency.

Any ideas?

What is pc.B?


Guy from same team here. So apparently the transparent were actually transparent that wasn’t the issue. In the scene we have a sandwich of elements, the transparent objects, more elements and a model. The transparent area of the objects actually made the elements behind it transparent as well, exposing a black texture on the model.
This was solved by raising the alphaTest value of the transparent device above 0(0.9 in our case).

Hey Marve sorry for Necroing this thread, but we seem to be running into the same issue, could you go into a bit more detail on what you mean by “raising the alphaTest value of the transparent device?’” ?