Material Cubemap Confusion

Hi there,

I’m having trouble getting my reflections to work correctly with a cubemap assigned to a reflective material. I’m creating my cubemaps externally in cinema4d, and creating a cubemap entity in playcanvas.

So my issue is that I don’t seem to be able to get my reflections looking correct no matter how much I tweek the parameters both in normal and box projection modes. I’m also confused to where I should capture my cubemap from, e.g center of the scene, directly infront of the reflective surface, or which orientation should be front facing.

Has anyone got any insight to making this work? Or any good workflows?

All the scenes I’m working with are 3d scanned interiors, so adding the cubemap to the skybox had no effect.

Any info would be amazing.

All the best,


Hi @Kulodo133,

What types of issues are you seeing exactly, is the cubemap misaligned or is the object lighting wrong? Perhaps specular isn’t working?

If you’re able to share your project so we can take a look that would be very helpful. Otherwise perhaps you can create a trimmed-down version of the scene which demonstrates the issue and share that?

Without more information it’s very difficult to offer advice :slight_smile:


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