Material Array does not update after FBX update


I’m currently noticing that the material array on a render asset does not update after a change to the source model/fbx.
The only way I found is to replace the asset with the “new” model.

I have set up the scenario in the project below:

Right now the asset in the scene has 2 materials.
The current used FBX:

The following FBX is the exact same model but has 1 more material assigned:

Now if you upload the “new” FBX to the project, the material array on the existing asset does not change, nor can you change it by hand.
However, you do see the new material on the model itself.

The only “sollution” I found is to add the updated model to the scene and replace it.

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I can’t reproduce the issue with the assets you have given:

Ah, so this only seems to happen if you unlink the Template. And then update the new FBX. :thinking:

Created ticket: Reimporting FBX doesn't update Materials array for the Render asset · Issue #792 · playcanvas/editor · GitHub

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