Masking in the new Anim Component

Is it currently possible to create something like this? Unity 3D - A 2D Freeform Directional Blend Tree for locomotion. - YouTube
Can the upper body be animated separately from the lower body?

Hi @redka,

From what I know this hasn’t been implemented yet, but there are plans to add support at some point.

Basically the ability to blend two or more animations together at the same time.

One for @Elliott to work on.

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Okay, thanks.
Hopefully soon :slight_smile: That would be a game changer

The layers are supported at the moment, but they’re not blended together. If you can export lower body animation separately to upper body animation (without overlapping bones) and play them on separate layer, you could do something like this. But masking and blending layers is not implemented yet.


Hey there,
any updates on layering with bone masks? I know blendtrees are implemented when using code, but I want to fully overwrite some bones with different animations on different layers.

Masking is the next major feature that will be worked on for the Anim feature. I expect the feature will be in the engine in the next 3 months.


Great to here, thanks for the update. :slight_smile: