[MARKETING][FREE] Submit your game to our website

Hi friends,

I have a passion for games, probably, just like everyone else here. In my free time I’m developing and improving a web portal related to games.

It’s free to submit games with direct links to official stores (even though you won’t get much traffic from my site, it will probably be good for your SEO/ASO).
You can add games after free account registration.

Besides, I have an easy-to-implement API for browser-based games, with methods for authorization and payment processing.
I’m looking for devs, who would like to coop with me and add browser-based games to the dedicated category on my site.

Project isnt growing very fast as I’m making it alone, but I love to work on it.

Again - game submissions are free, unless you have a browser version of the game, which will need a simple API implementation.

Would be great if we help each other on this tough way to success - let me know please, if you wanna chat about it.

Thanks for attention!