Marble Adventure - Celebrating 150 years of Continental

Hi fellow developers,

we have recently released a marble game for the 150 year anniversary of Continental:

The game features:

  • 150 levels in 10 uniquely themed regions
  • 10 hypercasual “mini games”
  • hundreds of customization items
  • optimized for desktop- and mobile
  • Thousands of players worldwide
  • Built-in level editor

Feel free to play it on

The game was build with PlayCanvas, we’ve utilized a lot of its feature-set, including:

The Back-end is written in Ruby on Rails and hosted on AliBaba (China) and AWS (Rest of the world). It features a lot of convenient functionality, such as social logins, user management, region-release management, dev/prod/stage environment and instant balancing adjustments for the game.

The build-pipeline was managed with our PlayCanvas Cloud Build Tool, utilizing PlayCanvas’ great REST API.

One big THANK YOU to the PlayCanvas Team and the awesome community for your help! We really appreciate the fast and professional feedback we get here :sparkling_heart:

Special shout out to @max @will @yaustar @Leonidas


So nice! Congratulations for your great work. And many thanks for sharing this write up on the tech you used.

Well done.


I’m stunned. The production values on this game are fantastic. The ‘x-ray’ effect, the warping effect at the goal, the audio, the shading…and it’s incredibly fun to play too. Congratulations!

Would you consider tweeting a link to the game on your Twitter account, attach an MP4 of your YouTube video and mention @playcanvas? Then I can get retweet from our own accounts and spread the word! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Also, you can add it to the Awesome List if you like? Or I can do that for you if you prefer.


The polish on this game is just amazing and it runs super smooth on my pixel 4. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks a lot! I’ve created a tweet and made a pull request for the awesome list.

Brilliant. I’ve merge your PR and I’ll retweet your tweet tomorrow in the daytime when Twitter is a bit more active. :bird:


Love the game, plays well on my older devices as well.

I had some suggestions regarding the download size as it is a big factor in HTML5 games, I noticed a lot of duplicate textures in the network tab, although not big in size but those extra network calls do add up, just for reference, attaching a SS,

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