Marathi language issue , text is not rendering properly

Hi ,
we are facing issue with marathi UI texts , however we found solution for hindi font but same solution is not working for marathi language for example :
“पूण4 गेमसाठी अणितणिक्त 30 सेकं द टाईमबँक, हे कवल्याने तुम्हाला गेममधून बाहे ठेवले जाईल.”
is rendering as

Chances are its related to the same issue and unfortunately, I don’t have a solution or workaround on hand :frowning:

My guess for this is because some characters weren’t added to your font file. For example, the “kta” at the end of “anitanikt” was not added as a character to your font file. I also believe the “ni” in “anitanikt” was just displayed as “na” because the “i” vowel wasn’t a separate letter in your font file. This is also why I believe the “ta” in “anitanikt” was displayed as a “ti”.

To add characters to your font file, follow these steps:

Click the font in the assets

Then, go to the “font” section in the inspector

In the “Characters” textbox, add in the missing unicode characters, and press “Process Font”

You can use some Devanagari characters from in here: Devanagari (Unicode block) - Wikipedia

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