Many messages from Anim Blend

When I call animation, I see a lot of debug message from the below code.

            // #if _DEBUG
            if (this.visitedFallbackGraphPaths[fallbackGraphPath] === 1) {
                Debug.warn(`Anim Binder: Multiple animation curves with the path ${fallbackGraphPath} are present in the ${this.graph.path} graph which may result in the incorrect binding of animations`);

            // #endif

This is my animation graph.

and entities are linked on each state.

When I call the animation, I normally use setBoolean method like below.

entity.anim.setBoolean(“on”, animation.state === ‘OPENED’ ? true : false);

How can I prevent the warning message?

Can you please show the actual message?
But basically, it means you have some Entities (bones) with duplicate names, and that means your animation might not play correctly, as it might apply to the wrong bone that has the same name.

To avoid this, you should give those bones unique names, in blender, and then reexport your mesh / animations.

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@mvaligursky Thanks. I will discuss with 3D artist about this.