Making the resolution bad

Is there a way to turn down the resolution on a game so i can make a regular game, but make it look like doom by lowering the pixel resolution

@Robotpencil Didn’t you do this? I can’t seem to find your thread?

Closest to this is: Pixelating for old school effect

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There’s this by @Leonidas you could use as well … this is post-effect.


I tried to use the code but i can’t, it says everything is ok, but I can’t parse it and the code takes no effect, so do i write it in a script or shader? Because i used a shader

Here are steps to make it easier:

  1. Create a new PlayCanvas script in your project. Clear all contents.

  2. Copy paste the code from the following link to your script:

  1. Save the script.

  2. Go back to the editor and parse it.

  3. Attach it to your active camera, optionally set the pixel size.


Is there any reason why the screen-resolution cannot be fixed to achieve such an appearance?

Yes i looked at that, but i can’t add it to my project

If you’re looking to create a Minecraft-like, pixel game. Perhaps consider using lower-sized textures with mipmaps disabled for them.

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I’m trying to make it look like the original doom

then use lower resolution textures, and set texture filtering to point instead of the default nearest.

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