Making Levels Less Laggy

So I’m trying to create a menu for my game, and it’s working out, except for one thing. Whenever I press “2” to load the game scene, there are too many entities, and there is a ton of lag, even on a good PC. I was thinking of having the original scene have all the entities, and have the “scenes” that I have to load just be different cameras, but is there a better way? I must mention, in my game, since it’s a maze game, there are a lot of entities, (walls, collisions, more walls). Any tips? or should I do the camera thing?

Could you post link to your game here?
So few things to look at:

  1. Draw Calls - number of meshInstances you need to draw. That is something you want to keep as low as possible. Culling techniques can work well. For maze, you could make some graph-based culling, which would know what needs to be culled based on current location and visibility graph.
  2. Number of triangles - keep them low too. If you need high-poly stuff, then consider implementing LoD.
  3. Make sure you have only one camera enabled at a time.

Yea…I have figured it out now…on a cruddy laptop like mine (it’s a chromebook, so it is very bad), the lag is still there, but not as bad, but on a regular PC or good laptop, the FPS stays at above 30, (I think, I can’t really measure it)

You could use some fps meter like this one:

Ok thanks! I’ll use that!