Making a single player fps for class but need help

PLEASE HELP I NEED TO MAKE A FPS WITHOUT GORE BUT HAVE NEVER USED THIS CODE AND I NEED FOUR THINGS multiplayer, single-player, weapons, and enemies. but I… have never coded these things in my life please help me work on it or send code to make it better like movement code would be nice or a way to make idk like animations or particles

well i can help with the FPS movement if you want but not anything else and i can teach you the basics about making platforms and stuff

i can add u to the project so u can explain if u want to help

alright add me i’ll explain some of the basic things to you

give me admin because i cant do anything for some reason

i literally cant do anything make a new project

i made you admin tho

i know but i cant help at all for some reason just make a new project

maybe refresh really quick

i did but it doesnt matter

ok i made a new one and invited u

is it working?


what could be wrong with it?

i havent got a clue but imma make a project and make you admin see if it works then i’ll give you ownership so youre in charge then make me admin hopefully itll work

ok thx for going through all this trouble for me

whats your name?

click my icon on profile and copy and paste my username


it doesnt work like that i think but ill try