Making a Game Anyone wanna Help?

Project Name: Journey To The 6th Void
Role Required: Artist, Coder and a animator
My Role: Artist
My Previous Projects: (N/A if none)
Team Size: 3
Project Length: 2 months 15 days
Compensation: None
Project Description: A Parkour Hack and Slash

A parkour with sword fighting? :slight_smile:

yes a parkour with sword fighting

sure i can help ill be like a bug tester email me at

**yes i want to help email me at

can i help

Hello Add me to the project @Deadshot1m24 thats my username ill take the artist position
and i am amazing at map making so if you need that ill do that as well

I am trying to learn coding so can I help?

email is

i can help as CODER my username is same with this username