Making a blizzard using particle system

I just want to make a blizzard using particle system in local space, controls are there but I am just unable to obtain that fast paced snow fall, has anyone done this before?

Not using particle system, but these are some examples with points sprite rendering I’ve done.
PlayCanvas Examples (give it 10 seconds to get going)

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is this expensive? seems expensive

I am actually getting closer and closer to blizzard particle system, I am just tuning the curves

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It depends on how many point sprites it runs.
Transform feedback runs completely on GPU and is cheap … almost no CPU time used at all (but requires webgl2).
The point cloud simulation is done on CPU … and is not crazy expensive for reasonable number of point sprites … that examples uses 5000 I think and runs well. In theory the simulation part could run on separate worker thread as well so cost almost nothing on the main thread. But that’s more work.


also what is up with particle system loop not working? I am using 300 particles and loop is enabled and so is auto-play, but the loop stops after releasing 300 particles

maybe your 300 particles are still alive? And so new ones cannot be created.

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ah, I fixed it, lifetime was too high, 15 seconds