Makehuman and mixamo great combination

Hello, yesterday i noticed that the mixamo character that i have imported in my project took a lot of space, because is very detailed and mostly because of texture, thinking about a way to solve that i remembered a test that i made some time ago with makehuman program, so i made a model with makehuman ( the program allow you to choose if you want hipoly or lowpoly model then you can change race sex mesure etc etc) so i made a lowpoly one and exported in fbx…imported it in mixamo…and works perfectly ( just the texture wasn’t put in fbx so i have to make some more test) but i think it would help a lot to improve the productivity of playcanvas. We could have a large number of models in store that can make more easy for developer to bring up new exciting projects (and good looking ones) :stuck_out_tongue:
Let me know what you think.