Make weapon move with player?

Ok so I’m helping make this battle royale multiplayer game,but I need advice on how to make the player move with the gun I tried using scripts from my old games(didn’t work).
I tried coding it in really didn’t wok well so if anyone has any ideas comment below.

You can simply just make the weapon a child of the player. When the player moves, all of it’s children will move/rotate with it.

I don’t know if that will work

you can parent it with the hand bone something like this

this.rhand = this.model.findByName('name of hand bone');

Im guessing the name of the hand bone would be the weapon

atleast show screenshots on how to do it

nope isn’t the weapon, each bone of the model has a name in my model is Bip01 D Mano you have to find the name in your model, there is a thread in this forum on how to do it.

Yeah well here´s the editor so you can see what I mean

I see, you don’t have a player model so you just have to add a script to the weapon that get position and rotation of player camera and set the weapon position and rotation


click on camera add entity do make you wepean the adjust whare it is then it will move