Make retry button?

Ok so I did the button does restart the gaame whenyou press it.But I also wanna make it so when you press a key such as h it resets automatically.
Heres the script I coded and tried

var R = pc.createScript('r');

R.attributes.add("pointA", {type:'entity',title:'APoint'});
R.attributes.add("ball", {type:'entity',title:'Ball'});

var element = this.retryButton;

//hopefully resets when button is pressed

R.prototype.intalize = function(dt) {
    this.entity.findByName('retry');'retryBtn', this.entity.reset);

R.prototype.update = function(reset) {
  if( {

R.prototype.reset = function() {


R.prototype.onClick = function(e) {
    this.dlevel.enabled = true;
    this.level.enabled = false;

But theres something wrong with the script it says this


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Check your typos in this function.

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Other than a few bugs, the game is looking great!

Yep been doing it on my own lol