Make ingame timer?

ok so I know most of the basics of javascript I made my own game from scratch literally but Now the only thing I need is an ingame timer I tried searching for a way to do it with html and css but couldn’t find anything so if you know plz let me know!!!mqdefault <-theres an example

I’m working on this, will send it to you once I am done…

ok thnx man and while your doing tht Iḿ gonna contiue researching

Hey someone just dropped this in the forums does kind of what you wanted it to do right?

ummmmmmmm the link doesn work may be a link to the actually project will do the trick

The project has gone private im working on a timer type set up rn ill send you the link to my project once ive finished

ummmmmm ok thnx hopw it works

ok so here take a look at this code and this code

Also what kind of project are you working on?

huh oh its Galaxy ball

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Link to the game i want to see if there isnt anything i can suggest

heresthe link to it:

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