Make ingame iaps on playcanvas?

Ok so I was just looking up some cool stuff and then I ran into iaps I got interested in it due to this article :Game monetization - Game development | MDN
So now Im gonna face the challenge and try to integrate an iap using some kind of javascript wrapper and hopefully let the charcter earn currency and would be able to buy from the store with currency any ideas on this?

You will have to add some sort of player authentication system (eg email and password, kongregate) and link it to an server account to store purchases, in game currency etc.

I kinda already knew that lol

Which bit do you need advice/ideas on?

basically what would be the best iap software for playcanvas or should I just use google authenication,and use html and css to customize the iaps and I’ll use something paypal to conne t the purchase to the game using local scripts

There are a few services you can use. PlayFab can help with player accounts, inventory management but you would have to implement your own payments system (eg PayPal, Stripe etc).

Kongregate have an API that you can use if you release on their platform. Same with Facebook.

I’ve tried out playfab but I have to pay for alotof the core features I need,But soon I’ll buy those features.Also I’ll look into Kongregate and I’m not into facebook lol