Make an object glow without bloom effekt

Hi there,

is there an option to make a 3d sphere glow without using the bloom post processing effect? I would need some hotspots to get the users attention.

for ui elements i would use the emissive material channel to simulate the glowing but how do i get an 3d to glow? or make an omnilight glow visible in the scene?

thanks for your inputs!

One option is to use emissive property of the material. It will make the material ignore the lights, and can look bright in dim environments. It won’t “glow”, though, as in there won’t be any light emitted by the object or outside its bounds (like in post effect).

Another option is to add a UI sprite in screen space on top of the object, or in world space between the camera and the object.

Or use some combination of two.


Thanks for your input - okay so i think i would have to go with a UI solution in worldspace and animate the emission texture of the material for the halo.

Question regarding the bloom post effect: I tried the Bloom.js script from Github, but you don’t have enough control over which objects the effect is applied to. Is it possible to customize the bloom script to only affect elements / entities at a specific Layer?