Major issues with server integrity (?)

I am having major issues with a semilarge project that seems to get stuffed with weird bugs the more I put into it.
Is there an issue in regards to your server and project size? :-/

There shouldn’t be any problems specifically related to project size.

What issues are you experiencing?

First a 2d screen item (purple top headline beam) made errors in regards to visibility without being “World”, then the Y- and Z-positions similar 2d item settings below jumped up and down (btw: please make a margin/position tutorial to make that area - both - more user friendly as well as intuitive :-)) ).
Now; my last camera-path (called CPCVWLst) makes my camera twist/act weirdly (still not reacting to my 5th alteration)
[if you want to test; let the hotel-visualization run for 30 secs intro, then Press “Western Coves”]
Project made public/non-private;

Apparantly using the “Concatenate scripts” helped with the ‘stuffed’ issues (have many scripts) image