Main Monster for my horror game (Enemy ai)

i’m making a horror game, so i need an enemy to actually make it scary i dont know how to do ai or do animations in playcanvas for her
help me

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Hi @Deadshot1m24! Can you be a bit more specific about what kind of enemy you want to create? What should your enemy’s actions be?

i want her to roam around the ship and when a sound plays they follow that sound, i want her to be a flexible dark creature with a mask and if she hears a sound more than 5 times she pinpoints the player and follows them and kills them

Maybe you can start with my basic enemy AI example project. I created so that you can apply this to most projects. You can modify the script according to your needs.

i copied and pasted it into my game and it didn’t add the element/catagory thing that you can edit when you add the script to the entity

You probably have to click on the parse button.


makes sense