Main menu in my game with play button

so im mking my second game but tis time im trying to make a main menu for my game.So like when you lod into the game you have a pplay button and other cool stuff.

There’s quite a few tutorials and project samples for the UI system that is worth looking at.

I saw some torturials yea but im trying to figure out hoow to aadd a play button mostly and i alreaddy know how to code a main menu wwith html and css

Oh, you are looking for more of the state change logic.

Look at the Keepy Uppy or the Flappy Bird example of games that have start menus:

um ok sure i guess ill try

Please check out our game at Is this the sort of start menu you want? In that case, I could help you out…

In my project, I added a second scene in which, and the help of HTML and CSS, I made a menu. Then I implemented a button event handling using vanilla JavaScript, which loads of the main scene with the game by its id.

yea i guess its it.Thank you

ooo I get iit now so you made a second scene then uing html and css you maade a menu.Then you implented the button using vaanillaa jaavasccript which someehow loads the main scene with the game by the iid