Main camera to texture


I’m not super familiar with camera render logic, but I’ve managed to make a script that creates a camera and renders to a texture, much as shown in this PC example: Render to texture

However, this method requires you to have a separate camera (than the main) rendering to the texture, in other words 2 active cameras at the same time. For our projects that is usually too performance heavy, so I was wondering if it is possible in some way to grab the rendered image from the main camera and dump it in the texture to get some of the same effect?

(I assume this would require you to actually display the previous frame on the texture)

A camera can only render to one target buffer hence the need for two cameras.

The alternative is to render to texture and use a second camera to render the texture to the screen.

Similar to: Resolution Scaling | Learn PlayCanvas

@mvaligursky Do you have any other tricks up your sleeve?