Mahindra Marazzo Color Configurator

Worked on this 360 color configurator for Mahindra Marazzo. Thanks to Playcanvas, I could accommodate all the last minute changes and the launch chaos and still make it to the deadline.

#Marazzo has been globally engineered by Mahindra Automotive North America Detroit & Mahindra Research Valley Chennai for a smooth ride, agile handling, the quietest cabin, fastest cooling comfort & luxurious space. #MahindraMarazzo


Great configurator @Hrishi_A!

Nice project, @Hrishi_A!

I have some feedback for you. I loaded your project with browser cache disabled and viewed the Network tab in Chrome Dev Tools with the requests sorted on size (large to small):

Your page downloads 29.1MB of data(!). The main thing I notice is:

  • You are hosting the PlayCanvas app files on your own server but you are not serving those files GZIPd. This means that you’re app is 2 or 3 times larger than it should be. You should enable GZIP content encoding for JSON and DDS files.

I seriously recommend you fix that.

Also, we have deployed updates to the engine in the last week that should improve your loading time. So republishing against the latest engine should help.

Thanks for the suggestion. It might not be possible to update this project as the agency is not active on it now, but I have started working on the next project and will get GZIP encoding implemented. (I wish I had realized this earlier… This project at one time had grown to 128 MB before the creatives were reined :slight_smile: )
Thankfully the viability of WebGL graphics has been established and hopefully there is more adaption in the Indian market.

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