Mages - multiplayer arena game loosely based on Warlock from Warcraft 3

Game Overview

Mages is a third person 3D arena game. It’s strictly multiplayer and runs in your browser.

The basic idea comes from Warlock - a custom map from Warcraft 3.

It’s a last man standing match with map shrinking every 30 seconds. Your spells push other mages away into an ever encroaching lava surrounding the map.

You build your Mage with spells that you buy from the Shop . Each spell has upgrades and unique mechanics.

There are 4 rounds and in between each of them as well as at the start of the game you have 30 seconds to purchase spells starting with 60 gold . Gold is earned each round with extra coming from high placement in the previous round as well as the number of kills you made.

There’s currently 2 game modes - FFA and Team Elimination.

Player marked as the [Host] can start the game or use /give-host _name_ command to transfer they’re title to another player.

The game is available Free To Play at this address:

Media and Links

Showcase of some of the spells

UI Terminal

Overview tab

Shop tab

Settings tab


I have played this custom map before. Will try the game this week, there are no players online as of the moment haha. Hope you get the support you need for this game so that you can improve it.

Do you have plans in deploying a mobile build? Maybe you’ll reach more audience there.

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Mobile is difficult in terms of controls. I can’t figure out mobile controls that would be at least slightly competitive against other players

bro this game will get atleast 2,000 players this game is amazing so far I wish i could make games like tht and have a custom website i only know some basic code.

Vary nice i think i will make a multiplayer game but keep up the work man

Surprisingly there were 3 or 4 people online so i actually had a few games and had a pretty good time. It’s a solid game, but I think it could use some more diverse spells, most of them do more or less the same thing.

Hey man, cool game.

Let me know if you need help growing your userbase and monetizing :slight_smile:

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haha hey future me here just so you know you achieved both those goals You have made Matrexball (one of the biggest games on the site)
You also have advanced in coding and you have made the website from scratch using html,and javascript.
Heres the website: