Low FPS rate

Hi ,
I am getting low fps rate around 25-35 in game scene even though draw calls rate is within 50.
Also in game Enemy ,bullets and asteroids are prefabs. What may be the issue, How can I improve FPS.

Thank you

Hi @gouthamamin!

Maybe you use high resolution textures?

If you share the editor link of your project someone can take a look. You can also check the page below for more information about performance.


From the MiniStats panel, you can see you are limited by the GPU rather than the CPU. Which indicates to me the GPU is struggling to fill pixels. Which makes me think this is the first thing to investigate:



Hi , I am facing low fps rates in mobile devices around 20-25 fps and in desktop around 35-45.
Though the draw calls value lies between 40-60 and total size of the game is 167.58 MB. How can I improve the fps rate.
Tried with disabling device pixel ratio But still no much difference. Is there any way to improve the same.

Thank you

I would recommend to use Chrome dev-tools, Performance tab, to record and study the performance graph to see what is causing long time to perform. Could be anything, really, so without debugging, it is very hard to give any advice.

Also, I recommend sharing a link to your project so people can investigate more easily and give you meaningful advice.


Hi @will , @LeXXik , @Albertos
I disabled depth grabpass option of camera component .Now it gives me 58-60 fps in desktop and 56-59 in mobile devices.
The reason I enabled depth grabpass of camera component is to have enemy and player explosion effect.
PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine : this is the project link from where I made explosion effect which used depth grabpass. Is there any way to have the same effect without using depth grabpass option enabled.
Thank you

I resolved that issue by keeping depth softening of particle system value to 0

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Hey @Albertos , @will , @LeXXik @robert.ua
Regarding fps drop , Now fps drops suddenly from 55+ to 25-35 when poison powerup blasts which results in explosion particle effect of all the enemy which gets destroyed.

Any way to fix this ?
Thank you

Some thing like this repo : PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine
where single bomb explosion results in 2-3 fps drop where multiple bomb explosion results in higher drop