Low fps, how to improve performance

Hello everyone,

I have exported the project to a HTML. When I open it in a generation 6 iPad, fps is low. The scene has only few objects. Anything I can do on playcanvas to having better performance? Thank you.

Hey @HongKong_Simfusion ,
the issue can be because you are using a mobile device instead of a computer as computers are more powerful. You have a few models but they seem to be complex and probably take up a lot of memory. I suggest you look at Draco mesh compression: Draco Mesh Compression Arrives in the PlayCanvas Editor | PlayCanvas Blog

Hi, @HongKong_Simfusion

Optimization Guidelines | Learn PlayCanvas
It’s optimization guideline for you.

Please refer to this link and apply it to your project :slight_smile:

Hi @Codeknight999 ,
This is an amazing function. The file size is compressed to half. Thank you for let me know this amazing function although it is not much help on the performance in my iPad.

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Hi @Hizard ,

This is a great guilde for me. I have tried to batching my scene environment and have reduced dynamic lights. I may put too much dynamic lights in the scene and I reduced the lights from 10 to 2. My IPad can run smoothly now. Thank you.

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