LOVE the new playcanvas asset store!

The new and improved asset store is AWSOME!!! I mainly love the new assets but the store now feels more full in my opinion. The new assets have definitely helped me make progress on a good amount of my projects. If I can ask, could we get a character pack that would be able to work with mixamo or maybe a voxel weapon/terrain pack? I’m just excited on where playcanvas is going and the improvements yall keep giving us. Thank you guys so much for this simple yet fun engine to use!


If you have suggestions of packs that we can upload to the store (GLBs, textures etc), we can try add them over time

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Itch .io
Low poly Character
Low poly Military Props
Low poly Fps Shotgun
Low poly Fps Tomahawk
Low poly Fps Pistol
Low poly Breakable Box
Engraved Textures
16 x 16 Textures
Texture pack-2
Overworld-iso Texture Pack
Voxel Gun Assets
Voxel Mountain Assets
Voxel Character Assets
Voxel Park Assets
Voxel Dungeon Assets
Voxel cemetery Assets
2D Character Sprites
Voxel Character RiggedVoxel Zombies Assets
Free Shotguns FBX

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Low poly Weapons

This is the last one but in my opinion the best…
Voxel models Starter