Looking to Recruit HTML5 Games Developer


We are Recruiting HTML5 Game Developers for our platform Koji where we buy game templates from developers. We want simple games.

Here is the list of games that we are looking for :

You can learn more about it here : [https://withkoji.com/developer]

Let me know if you’re interested!

Here is my email id if you want more details : hamza.wasim3@gmail.com



Hamza Wasim - Koji

Hello Hamza,

I’d Glad to assist you.
Email Sent, Please Check.

Very Best Regards
Carter W

@hamzawasim3 Aren’t you with Fad Mania?

I have started working for koji now!

So did you abandon Fad Mania?

um i’m confused but you do you

So did he just abandon Fad Mania or something. Did I miss something?

Hi! @DevPlex01 and @Axulity_YT!

Just to clear your confusion I am still with Fad Mania but it is my part time job.
I have started working with koji as a full time job.

Hope your confusion is clear.


Oh okay.