Looking to build a team

Hello Everyone,

Im pretty new here and so far im really enjoying what I see. I have decided to start making a few games, since my seven year old son keeps telling me that he has some game ideas.

I have started making models and exploring some strategies and story lines, I have made some designs and im looking for a team to help me with it.

I am designer and musician, my models are in 3d Im attaching some renders in case some of you may be interested to join the project or contribute.

please letr me know if you are interested Id love to colaborate with more people and make some cool inovative stuff that inspires

sure I’m art and design guy… :slight_smile: tell me more…

I’m interested in learning more about your project and am willing to work on a small piece of it if you need help.

hello thanks for your interest,

its still in a conceptual stage but i know that it would involve either racing or 2.5d story, trap planting and if possible multiplayer mode,

what do you think about that?

What type of gameplay would be the 2.5d story? Racing seems reasonable to me. You can message me directly if you want me to put your models into playcanvas and maybe make something basic to start with.

I have lots of imagination! so lets start a small one !

/Hey guys,

I have to go back to the drawing board for this game,

lots to plan for. thanks so much for your interest, ill keep going on it in the background…

I am interested in joining your team. I have some scripting knowledge and can help with music and environment setup.


great to hear from you and thanks for your interest.

although i have moved to another platform for development (unity 5)

i am interested to see how and if we can work together,

im adding you as a colaborator to the project and we can go from there


Ok! I use Unity as well, but on the iPad, I stick to Playcanvas.

Yes id love to join. i can do art and design.


sure id love to join I can do design and music

Don’t expect to get a reply any time soon. He hasn’t replied to any of my pms and it took him a while to reply to this topic. You can join my team if you want.

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ok sure thanks ill be glad too