Looking for graphic artist

I’m Sebastian, a programmer with a great interest in games, game development and computer graphics. I love to get caught up with a new idea for a game and do programming marathons to get a prototype out. My problem is that I often find myself losing interest of my projects because I somewhat lack the artistical skills to make beautiful assets for my games.

This is why I’m looking for an artist to join me to create awesome games. I’m not looking for someone to just help me create assets for a certain game, I’m looking for a “team member” who will share equal part in planning, game design and credit.

What am I looking for?
Your most important “skill” is ambition and possibly talent. Your current practical skills are not that important, I value your interest and ambition far more, even though it is of course preferred if you have done some work before.

What type of games we do is mostly determined by what we come up with together, but you should be ready to do design, modeling and animation in both 2D and 3D. Music and sound effects is not something you have to do but would of course help us a great deal.

How much time do you have to put in?
I’m currently a student and part time worker, which means that this is more of a hobby project. I have no demands on the number of hours you should put in, with the right ambition level I’m sure that you will put in the work needed. :smile:

Please feel free to contact me here on Playcanvas or send me an email: sebastian.hindefelt@gmail.com

Don’t be afraid to contact me even if you feel that you “don’t meet the standards”, this is just for fun and you are not in for a job interview. :wink:

Hey Sebastian, what kinda of project do you have in mind? What would be the initial goals? Also I am not a great texturer (at all), but I have some Blender experience rigging, animating and modelling. I am not actually sure I can help too much, but it would be interesting to learn more.

BTW, his name is Grub-Grub.

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I have sent you a PM Adam. :smile:

Ok so here’s a low-poly sword model. I’m thinkin I’ll just get some block colours on it for now.

I also tried to use FUSE export a fantasy-type character we can use as a base (or the complete model and just rig and animate), but ugh my laptop can’t seem to handle FUSE, laptop has i3-380M cpu and so kinda bad integrated graphics, gonna have to do it on my desktop later.

Ok I stuck with fuse and was really, reeeeelllly patient.

Here’s a random, maybe grim real-world version of Link:

This is what I thought looked most like Link from the included fuse items

Probably you would want some simpler character, not as many polygons, more solid block colours etc.
But hey, it was test to test out fuse, at least it forms a base to customise from.


The hair partly sticks out! I couldnt figure out how to fix this in fuse’s settings. The longer, Link-like hair all sticks right out of the helmet, this was with ‘shaggy’ hair so it’s kinda like what Link might have but short enough to not grow out of his helmet like some weird hair forest…guess I could just lose the helmet…

Hey, I can do work on this. I am getting better a vector graphics, and can do some basic 2d art. I can do most any vector graphics, so if you want me to help out with some 2d stuff, i’m your man. :smiley:

It’s not that great, and like I said, I’m learning. I could do some basic promotion art and menu screens, logos, banners, etc. I can only work part time mostly, so for me this is also just a hobby thing. I’m also pretty good at concept art. :smiley:

Looking great AdamRaz, I’m really happy to have you with me!

Hi supersoldiersalpha, Adam seem to be mostly a 3D-modeller and rigger and we could use a 2D artist for menus, HUD etc. Message me in private with Skype details!