Looking for Developer that can implement Multiplayer and voice chat like Mozilla Hubs

We are looking to expand a gamelike experience with Multiplayer and voice chat and text chat. So the players can talk to each other when they are in the same room. like you would do in unity with Photon voice. I can’t tell if that is in our budget. So I would need a dev to give me an idea about the costs first.

Hey @d4r,

We at Renegade Lab Studios are a game and app development studio with several years of experience in PlayCanvas as well as other essential web development technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery, Bulma and Bootstrap. Our team has worked with many reputed clients like Koji and Pietree on PlayCanvas web development, as well as built several multiplayer apps and games using Photon and PlayCanvas and we believe that we are well equipped to help you out.

Could we please discuss your queries regarding the cost of the project and others over call or email? We can then work out a flexible plan that’ll work for you and your team. Please schedule a call with us here - https://calendly.com/renegadelabstudios/30min, or email us at renegadelabstudios@hotmail.com.

Looking forward to hearing from you!