Looking for dev to help setting up a project

Hello everyone, I’m in search of someone that can help execute a specific project.

I’ve done a few things on Playcanvas, so I’m not at lost with the development, but I’m currently caught up with other projects and need help with the initial work.

A few details of the scope of the project:
Main Objective: The goal is to create a webxr app that can populate a scene based on data pulled from a JSON. This data will be updated by users through a simplified web interface and structured so that the playcanvas app can extract from it things like:

  • Total amount of models that will be on the scene. The models will already be part of the library, but will be pulled into the scene based on the things like item.lenght()
  • information that will be attached to each element
  • paths to textures that will be used to dress each element. Maybe each model has it’s own light, normal, and metallic map, but the JSON will give us the path to its albedo. Contemplate that textures can be images or video.
  • Desired distribution of all the elements based on predefined paths or layouts.
  • Each instance will also create camera way points that should be accessible through a clickable menu.

Also, the entire scene must have as part of its core, features like:

  • Walk a room without going through walls by either click on a spot, moving with arrows or moving with mouse. The rooms and their corresponding textures can also be part of the scene by default and be loaded into the scene by info that comes from the JSON.
  • Drag to look around

Sample use case:

  • On a web platform I add a title, description, wall texture.jpg, intro.mp4 for 3 types of house
  • Our app would link to the platform to pull a json file.
  • Aside from the list of items, the json would also provide information of the layout, the room/setting, and any general textures that should be pulled into the scene.
  • It would then proceed to do a for-loop of all the items.
  • for each item it would determine what home type was selected, and look for that model in the app and load it into the scene. Ex: house_1.json
  • After the model is loaded and named based on info concatenated from the json, it would begin loading other elements to the model. A few validations need to happen here, for example, before adding a texture to a wall it would need to check if the material exists. Since all models could vary, we would need to define a way of standardizing the material names.

After this functionality is ready, I think I could pick it up from there.

If you are interested, please share some of your work on Playcanvas.



I can help you out
Please reach me on skype:cis.am4 or Drop me mail at Hayden@cisinlabs.com

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