Looking for coders to help develop FirstPetabyteShooter

Project Name: FirstPetabyteShooter
Role Required: Coder
My Role: Artist/Modeler
My Previous Projects: N/A
Team Size: Undecided, but there is currently no limit
Project Length: Who knows
Compensation: A long-term job that you can improve your skills on
Project Description: I’m trying to create a shooter game, and I’ve already got most of the images and textures, but I can’t code at all, so I’d appreciate some help. I can’t pay, but there is no deadline, so this post is mostly intended for people who just want something to practice their skills on. If you can code or are learning to code, then maybe you could help me out here. :slight_smile:
The things that have to be coded are a bit complex, like cannons and abilities, so just keep that in mind! Thanks :slight_smile:

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