Looking for a designer

this project is continue of Roll a ball:
in this project we are trying to roll a ball and pass steps
in end of steps is a teleporter(some steps are visible and some not)
we need a designer that can design a new steps
project link: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine
looking for a guy that can design must
1- have a project that played at least 50 times
2- have a project that show he/she is a good designer
3-need 1-3 person
we gonna complete project fireball if you want be in our team .
comment in one of posts in fire ball or comment @SUPER_ME I want be in project.
here is game details :
project name : fire ball (PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine)
role needed : DESIGNER
my role : owner : coding and design some steps are by me
my pervious projects:N/A
team size : 5
project length : 1 month(our target is making more steps so any time you want can help)
description : its rolling a ball and complete steps.

@SUPER_ME Hi Could you explain a few details about your game and goals so people that are interested can have a better idea?

@Tirk182 im done

Hi @SUPER_ME! Is this a paid position? Otherwise I move your topic to the Collaboration section.