Login (user and password)


I need to make a login with user and password for a virtual showroom. Only permited users will be able to enter this experience. Inside the showroom there are many interactions like, read more information about a product, see a video, make a product order, etc. We need to register all the interactions for each user in a database. It is possible to do this with Playcanvas? Html, nodes, php what are the best set of solutions for this?


Hey @Vivelo360_Peru,

Check out Auth0. It allows easy user authentication, and has great JS support out of the box.

I used Google Firebase for a project. I didn’t set this up myself, so I don’t know if this is easy to use.

is it like loginradius.com also? Just found it yesterday and think about implementing it in my playcanvas

Similar, yes, but Auth0 is better known and has a robust support system.

Ok I will have a look, thanks for info