Login screen on glitch how to implement?

Hello, we have made the login screen on glitch, what is the best way to implement it with the project?

Hi @ayrin,

You could use an iframe to render that login screen and communicate to the parent, Playcanvas app, window the access token from glitch.

To communicate between an iframe and a parent window study this MDN page:

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Hi @Leonidas yes i already used iframe to create a new start scene that show the glitch login page, now have to go through what you suggested making some try. Awww i will be able to send a spaceship on mars when everything will be done lol

Hi again, i tried to login with the page iframed inside playcanvas and got connection forbidden from accounts.google.com …what should i do?

I think that’s a CORS issue, you should troubleshoot this with the auth library/server you are using on glitch. This isn’t Playcanvas related.

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