Localizing the PlayCanvas developer documentation

We’re tremendously proud of the friendly and global community of developers that are building games and interactive 3D using PlayCanvas.

With that in mind we’re pleased to start making our developer documentation available in more languages than just English.

Initially we’re working on Japanese :jp: and Russian :ru: and Chinese :cn: translations of http://developer.playcanvas.com.

How to get involved?

Go here

If you want to help translate parts of site into Japanese, Russian or Chinese we host our localized files on Transifex. We currently have a great team of translators helping us with the Japanese parts, but we could definitely do with more help with the Russian.

Other languages

We’d like to get the first two languages under our belt before we tackle anymore, but if you’d like to see one language or another let us know.

Reporting Problems

One of the toughest parts of localization is keeping up with the constant change. We’re always adding and changing our documentation and we don’t want it to get out of date. So if you notice any problems please report it on the github repository. If the problem is in the English version, we welcome pull requests with fixes. If the problem is in another language, head to Transifex to update the translations.