Local Model Viewer

I was wondering if yall had the ability to release a small downloadable package that will let you load assets into it on the local client just to view the models before you upload them to make sure they are compliant with the system?

We’ve thought about this, and actually used to have a downloadable Asset Tools package. But decided for now not to support this. Mainly because there is a pretty high maintenance cost to producing a cross-platform tool, and making sure it’s up to date (and dealing with support requests when it isn’t).

We’ve tried very hard to make sure that the materials in the engine match extremely closely to the default materials in Maya/Max, etc. So you can be reasonably confident that things will look similar. And you can then tweak the materials once uploaded.

Still, we’ll keep reviewing this over time, we may well change our mind.

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let me know dave, cause a real hindrance is the appearance of the models in your engine is not currently is not doing what I would expect… so to figure out how to model better for your system and its rendering capabilities, I want to be able to rapidly test the models in system environment without having to upload the content and then download into the cache…

Hey @pryme8, TBH it’s not something that we’re thinking about releasing at the moment.

Can you give us some more details about the issues you’re having? What sort of things are not matching up in engine?

Its not the Engine thats causing the problem, its just with some models Im having trouble finding the balance between polygon counts vs textures maps in trying to get the model to look the way that I want in game. Its mainly just to try to speed up my workflow so that way instead of having to upload a model and all the textures I could just select a obj in a program on my desktop and have it in a model view state.

Is there any 3rd party programs you can think of that would serve this purpose that in principle would display the models to the same capacity as the playcanvas engine?

I know of http://modelviewer.codeplex.com/ but am not sure how close it is in its presentation to your api.