Local engine host=local asset storage?

I’m brand new to the PlayCanvas editor with little to no coding experience, but I’m a decent problem solver. I saw your engine spotlighted by Games From Scratch on YT. I uploaded a character asset from Mixamo and I immediately maxed out my storage on the free tier. Do I understand correctly, if I build an engine locally from the Git, I can make games locally, bypassing the memory limit of your cloud storage? If not skip this part, If so great, but I’m stuck. I think I’ve built it correctly, it passes the test. I navigate to the engine/build/ouput folder and run the nodejs server, then in the browser I test the connection using http://localhost:51000/D:/Documents/GitHub/engine/build/output/playcanvas.js but in the browser I get: This localhost page can’t be found. In the console I see the request, then it errors saying the 404 not found.

By building locally, am I running an instance of the editor locally?
If so where are the project folders for assets? What & where is the .js file I need to point to?
If not, 200mb is too limiting of storage. Maybe allow personal cloud storage or increase storage?
I want to dev a game, then purchase the higher tier at launch to drop the splash.
I’ve scoured the Docs: Using a Custom Engine, the readme.md in git

Please help, hope this makes sense

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No. The engine is open source but not the editor. It’s possible to make a game with just the engine but it’s a different approach (see examples in the GitHub repo).

It’s a reasonable amount for a single web game. How large are the assets from Mixamo? (The service is a bit weird about how it calculates storage though :thinking:) The free tier is generally for people to try out the Editor and Engine before they commit to a personal/ORG tier for private projects.

A local editor would be a dream come true, but I don’t expect this to happen.
However, given the data security and privacy concerns of some of my clients, I am sure that if it were offered and I am sure we would pay for it, of course.
What I have to say again, for my current occasion, is that the storage in PlayCanvas is really very limited. The only subscription plan that allows you to work commercially on larger projects for longer time is the one for organizations, which is also quite expensive (considering the storage).
Prototyping and branches simply consume a lot of storage very quickly and I don’t want to have to delete every experiment or setup right away.
What would also be great is if you could outsource projects to your own cloud - Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox etc.
That would be great, but probably technically not very easy.

Another thing is that cleaning up a project to save memory is very difficult with the current editor and its file overview. I have to click on each file to see how big it is. Folder sizes are not shown at all.
Here I would like to see some improvement just to be able to clean up better.