Loading time too much

Hi Guys we have successfly created our 1st project using playycanvas.
but having issue to when loading when laucning it takes too much times. i am reading blogs but it didnt help here is the project

Guide us how to make it much better in performance.
plz check video its also have profiler detailing

and one think i have notice when i publish my project and launch it. it will take more time from editor luncher

Hi @rehman97,

I’m seeing that your project requires ~109MB of data to be transferred. Quite a bit of this is from using 4K and even 8K textures which shouldn’t be required given the size of the objects on the screen. Consider shrinking your textures, and even combining them where possible (for metallic, glossiness, metalness, etc):


Since you’re also preloading everything, you may want to consider not loading some of these assets until they are needed.

Check out this section of the User Manual for more tips on optimizing load times:


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Thanks let me do that changes

still i cant figure out, i have reduce my texture size. how to check what perticular thing taking time to load ? in profiler i didnt get

Hey, to check which thing is taking what size and time, you can follow the following steps:

  • Open browser dev tools and go to the network tab
  • Restart the tab and you will see the things loading
  • Click on the size tab and it will sort all the things accordingly.
  • Then you can simply check the asset name and optimize it in your assets
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hello saif I am stuck in my project where it is taking too much loading time and in mobile it gives me many errors like maximum call request…

when i search i had also go through what you said above check my network reports. the issue is now the loading assets it load all my assets i have also untick the pre-load option but still it load because i have used as reference.

my question is that how can i load the asset which i need at first preview and when i click the needed object then it will load?