☑ Loading Screen not showing

Hi !!

We’re testing our game Crazy Fast Fourniture on tablets and in different devices, and we’ve noticed that the Loading Screen we’ve set up does not appear on tablets. In fact, the published version of our game does not show it either.

The issue is that you have a relative URL to an asset in your loading script.

You probably need to use the ASSET_PREFIX variable which is different between launch and published builds.

Generally, you shouldn’t be hardcoding URLs to assets in applications. If you can use asset.getFileUrl() which gets the full URL (including ASSET_PREFIX). I think assets should be available in the loading script too…

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Thanks dave, I’ve just tried to access the asset URL, but it does not access any of the assets of the project itself from the loading page.

What have you tried?

For example, in the function showSplash() you can do this:

var asset = app.assets.find("MyTexture", "texture");
var url = asset.getFileUrl();

You do need to wait until the “preload:start” event has been fired because that is after the asset registry is loaded.

I tried accesing the asset just before loading it in the showSplash()

var imagen = app.assets.find(“pantalla_loading.png”);
var url = imagen.getFileUrl();

And in the end of the document, I added:


And nothing :frowning:

Your asset is called: “pantalla_loading.jpg” not .png

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Sorry for wasting your time dave, stupid mistake >_<