☑ Loading cubemap not working

I think i misunderstand something in loading cubemap i have this code

this.cubemap.loadFaces = true;

this.cubemap is set like this at start of game.js where the previous code is as well
pc.script.attribute(‘cubemap’, “asset”,[]); and selected the cubemap

what do i do wrong?

Do you have a sample project for us to look at and what do you mean by not working?

from firebug
DEPRECATED: getAssetById() use get() insteadplaycan…able.js (riga 27869)
[2600424]Game.js (riga 146)<—this is due to my request to show 'this.cubemap’
4pc.Mat4#invertTo3x3: Matrix not invertibleplaycan…able.js (riga 1900)
TypeError: asset.getPreferredFile is not a function
var file = asset.getPreferredFile();

seems the asset is not valid…but not sure
EDIT: the id of cubemap is right…will try to make a demo

Found a create cubemap demo and found out this was enough
after setting the asset
Sorry for the bother