Load WebVR in Android WebView?

I’m experimenting with Android WebView currently and normal WebGL applications seem to work fine. However, when I try to load a WebVR app, it gives me the error “Failed to load viewer profile” (source: https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/apps.playcanvas.com/XW6PylUm/webvr-polyfill.bad0c71.js (5871)), in the Android Studio log cat. Is this even currently possible?

IIRC, the polyfill has a database of devices mapped to configs for cardboard used. My guess is that the within the WebView, for whatever reason it couldn’t work out the device? That error usually pops up if the polyfill can’t find the device in the database.

I see, so is there any way to fix this issue?

Honestly, not sure. Looks like AFrame have forked the webvr-polyfill to ‘Fixing and forking WebVR polyfill for better WebView support.’ from their blog post here: https://aframe.io/blog/aframe-v0.5.0/ but have no idea where this fork is.

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Has anyone gotten webvr to work in webciew?