Load an external fbx at runtime


Some time ago I found this question at forum:

In this new playcanvas version, can i load an external fbx at runtime?


i use fbx files for almost all my projects but at runtime im not sure ask a superior for this type of question.

Nope. You will have to convert the FBX to the PlayCanvas JSON format either via the editor or via a custom convertor or write your own FBX loader in JS. I’ve seen some users upload the FBX to the PlayCanvas editor and download the converted JSON.

That post never got a final response. My guess is that there is some licensing issues with that. FBX is proprietary to Autodesk, so the playcanvas team might have a back-end engine to do the conversion, but that engine is not available to the rest of us. {totally speculating here}

However, in response to your comment about uploading FBX and downloading JSON, check this out -> Parsing Animation

Thanks for your answers!!!
I will try to work with it!